Don’t Travel Barefoot


One toms, two toms,

Red toms, blue toms,

Old toms, new toms,

Toms with stripes and toms with holes,

Toms that take me wherever I go.

Today is the day. I am currently waiting in the airport, between flights that begin my day of traveling and my summer of _____________!

The red toms above have been with me across the United States, spent part of a summer with me in Oaxaca, México, and traveled to Italy, Monaco, and France. They’ve been in an airport in Germany and were worn often to school. They have clad my feet through adventures abroad and daily routines here at home.

The blue, striped toms are new. Today is the first day I have worn them, and as I think back to what I’ve experienced walking in their predecessors my mind also wanders towards the future. Where will I walk in these shoes, what will I see? Over the next few years, what experiences will wear holes into these soles, making the heels ragged and carving windows for my toes?

Anchor experiences to physical symbols–in my case, a pair of shoes. Traveling to another country seems utterly romantic and exotic (and it is!). But, home or abroad, we put on shoes every day. Daily routine can be a reminder of exciting places traveled, or the bit of familiar comfort you need on a homesick morning.

*Unrelated side note from a lesson I learned yesterday as I spent two and a half hours on the phone with an agent in a call center far, far away. Don’t use travel sites to book your tickets. Use them to look up the best tickets, then book directly with the airline. This is one less step for anything to go wrong, and you are only working with one party instead of two or three. In this case, simpler=better.

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