Corazón Lleno


Well, I am here in Ecuador safe and sound friends! Already on this trip I have been so, so blessed with the people I have met. It is confirmation that this is exactly where I need to be this summer.

Three days ago as I was packing, my mom told me that she had had a dream and wanted to give me a piece of advice. “Don’t trust anyone!” In response, I asked her if she would take that advice herself. While we must be cautious, I told her that there would be people along the trip to help me and that sometimes we just know when someone is good. And vice versa. She agreed, and urged me again to be careful. I’ve taken her advice to be careful, but have also trusted people along my trip with bountiful results.

I love flying. Invariably, I sit down, wait for those sitting near me to settle in, and then I turn and start chatting. Usually I’ll ask what they’re doing in our destination, or something of the sort. True to form, I did this on both of my flights yesterday with beautiful, holy results.

On the flight from Houston to Miami, I sat between two great gentlemen and ended up having two really wonderful conversations. My older seat mate was traveling for business and worked in Spanish communications. After he found out what I was doing this summer, we talked about sustainability and the use of the world’s resources. He had really wonderful insights and after he named the three tenets of sustainability (economic, environmental, social) he said that there was a key tenet that we miss. What was the missing part of the sustainability discourse, according to my new friend? Spirituality.

Waiting in Miami, I talked to a group of girls from a school in Minnesota headed to Ecuador for the summer. Some of them were working on a sustainability project in Quito–whaddyaknow?

The most amazing blessing, however, came on the flight from Miami to Quito last night. After being thoroughly impressed with my fair-haired seat mates Spanish speaking abilities, we started talking and I found out she has lived in Ecuador most of her life. Though I planned to get a cab and go to a hostel for a night, she invited me home! We went to her boyfriend’s house for a graduation celebration and his family greeted us with a tray of food, cake, and tea. After the family gave speeches for the graduates (my new friend and her boyfriend) they offered up a prayer for the future, including supplications for my safety this summer. Head bowed, my heart filled with such gratitude it ached (although, I suppose it also could have been all the food and cake they urged me to eat as well ;). We went back to her house, and this morning I had a breakfast of fresh eggs (from chickens in their backyard!), local cheese from down the road, coffee with local milk, bread, and fruit also grown in the backyard.

My first day in this country was filled with grace and god-sent help. I can’t wait to see what the future brings!

*Flight recommendations–don’t be lazy. Choose your ticket, and aim for a window seat! We flew over Cuba and Colombia, and being in a middle seat over the wings I couldn’t see anything.

**Be cautious, but be open to the help of other people. Sorry for the hurriedness of this post–I fly to Macas in fifty minutes!

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2 thoughts on “Corazón Lleno

  1. I’m so glad you stopped by my blog, and gave me a chance to look at yours! I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far, the DIY beauty advice in particular. 🙂 (BTW, I would have given my daughter the same advice your mom gave you!)

  2. Haha I am hoping my eyelashes grow back quickly, but no one else seems to notice at least! And yes, that is a momma’s job!

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