I am now in Logrono, the town I will be staying in for the next nine weeks. It is smaller than Sucua and Macas, but it has easy bus access to both! And while I thought I wouldn’t want to leave Sucua because I loved the family I was staying with, Logrono is a small slice of paraíso. I am staying with a mother and daughter, and it is just us girls. They make me feel like I am a part of the family, with my most mom calling me ‘mi hija’ (it means ‘my daughter’, and although just about everyone here calls younger women that affectionately I still love it!). Yesterday we were taking a taxi back home, and the taxista asked if it was just three women living together. My host mom responded that yes, it was just us three, without explaining I am here for just the summer or that I am not a family member.

I have begun work on my project (developing a trail into Parque Nacional Sangay), and today I’m going to both Sucua and Macas to talk  to different folks who have relevant information. At least, I hope I’m able to go–this morning I awoke to my first real experience of the rainy season here. It’s been pouring for most of the night and continuing into this morning.


My host mom and sister!



A new fruit (I need to re-find out it's name) I ate yesterday. Also note how my host sista did my nails!

A new fruit (I need to re-find out its name) I ate yesterday. Also note how my host sista did my nails!


As you can see, I was not lying about it being paradise.

That’s all for now! In the next few days I’ll tell you the story of how I tried to go to a botanical garden . . . and was taken to a trash dump instead. Ay yay yay!

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