Ecuadorian Guide to Using Social Media . . .

And other miscellany!

If you’re in the midst of preparing for a trip to Ecuador (or another Latin American country) and are overcome with anxiety about the trip, worry no more. Obviously, most of the time you’re traveling around you’ll be doing exactly the same thing you would do at home (catalogue every picturesque moment of your travels through Facebook and Instagram, because if a trip isn’t documented through social media did it even happen?). Since traveling has changed, so have the anxieties. When you’re adding all your cool new friends, how to know if your Facebook usage measures up? You don’t want to use Facebook like a tourist, do you?

If you’ve been anxious about how to use Facebook like a local, worry no more. I present to you a comprehensive guide to using Facebook (and other social media sites) like someone who has lived in Ecuador for years.


1) Use Facebook all day long. Always have it up on your computer–Facebook is your life now, accept it.



2) Post frequently, preferably with vague and sad status updates that suggest your life is hard but you don’t want to talk about it. Use of emoticons is encouraged.


3) Facebook is the BEST place to share your political and religious beliefs, particularly by sharing photos from various pages with titles like “Mi novio me ama y agua es vid@’.


4) On the topic of sharing, share all of your friend’s photos that they upload that may or may not have anything to do with you or your life.

5) If you thought Facebook chat was dead here like it is in the States, think again. Facebook chat is alive and well in Ecuador, and you will now talk to all of your friends only through that chat box. Hence the need for  number 1.


6) Recalling number 2, it is very important that you like everything you post. Like your own status updates, photos, wall posts. If you don’t think it’s good enough to like will anyone else?



The miscellany promised above: just like Facebook chat, fanny packs are also alive and well. And not worn ironically.

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