After the rain comes . . . more rain

Like I said in my last post, the last ~10 days or so have been rough. I’ve felt a little bit isolated and sometimes like a failure in this new place, and spending more time on my computer doing the literature review/background work for my research. As it’s the rainy season here, it has been raining EVERY SINGLE DAY, sometimes multiple times a day. And that can put a damper on a person’s mood! But, because I have a really amazing support network of dear friends and dear family, I was able to reach out, vent, seek advice, and be honest about some of my struggles while I’m far from home.

And in doing that, I was reminded that I’m not all by myself. I was reminded of all the good that can come from this time here, even if it wasn’t what I had expected. And I was able to voice some of the messy-scared-anxiousness that was rumbling around inside of me and get it out.

Yesterday, the day after I wrote that dramatic and pouty blog post, was one of the best days I’ve had since I’ve been here. In getting out all of the fears and self-doubts and choosing to just do, the universe blessed me with a day of adventure. It was one of the most physically demanding days I’ve had in memory, and today my whole body is aching and my hands have more thorns and splinters than I dare to count. Many of my clothes are wet and muddy, but yesterday was worth it all. In fact, those things don’t take away from the day–they add to it.

I woke up at 5:15 to leave at 6 for a recorrido of Parque Nacional Sangay. A good 85% of the trip I was convinced I couldn’t take another step or that I was going to simply collapse from weariness/dehydration/still being slightly sick. But I didn’t! An apt metaphor for my time spent in Ecuador as a whole.

These three were incredibly patient and sweet, even when I had to stop every two minutes, fell 29834723947 times, and constantly got my boots stuck in the mud. At first they blamed my boots (really short without much tread) but I told them it wasn’t the boots fault, but the person wearing them. They got quite a kick out of that! I definitely have some new friends in these guardaparques!

My bestie travel buddies

My bestie travel buddies


just hikin’ through the amazon

that is blood from the TREE. And apparently it can be used as soap, sunscreen, and to help me forget boyfriends?

that is blood from the TREE. And apparently it can be used as soap, sunscreen, and to help me forget boyfriends?


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3 thoughts on “After the rain comes . . . more rain

  1. The Amazon is brutal…hang in there…it will all be a good memory in time…

    • Thanks! The rainy season has been tough, but there have been many beautiful days as well! I am loving it. this past weekend I was able to experience a little bit of the Sierra as well . . . next stop, the coast!

  2. Keith Barnett on said:

    Which boyfriends? Your papa wants to know. Have a good rest my dear Michaela, your Mom is coming home on Sunday.

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