Fa la la lafel and DIY gas oven beauty tips

I am OBSESSED with the cooking show Master Chef. It’s easily one of my favorite TV shows of all time, and each summer my sister Kelsey and I watch it from our respective states and living quarters, texting each other through episodes, talking on the phone while we watch it, and generally stewing over every.single.detail. Why did they pick her dish!? Gosh, he’s making home-made pasta for the THIRD TIME?? 

This summer, being in Ecuador, I wanted to take a break from TV watching on the good ol’ Macbook. Sometimes, TV shows can be great. Sometimes, Hulu can allow you to wallow in your room for hours on end and constrain your ability to be a functioning human being. I was getting dangerously close to the latter, so these few months are a good break for me. But that means NO MASTER CHEF. Y’all, I compromised with myself. I don’t watch any TV shows in English and instead am watching Master Chef España. So really, it’s an educational endeavor–I’m practicing my Spanish.

You don’t need a commentary on the Spain version, but I am missing my kitchen and access to a variety of different ingredients and cooking freedom. So a few days ago when my host mom showed me a bag of dry chickpeas and asked how we ate them in the states, I seized an opportunity to cook.

why hellooooo there falafel



And don’t mind if I do make a homemade avocado-cilantro mayonnaise as a sauce instead of a traditional yogurt one. Fed my mindy, soul, and body. And I think my family liked it as well (at least, they said they did!)





A few days ago I made cookies for my family, and I discovered the best kept beauty secret. Using kitchen materials for DIY beauty is all the rage now (think, sugar scrubs that could double as dessert, avocado and oatmeal masks, using blenders to make lotion). If you have a gas oven, you too could scorch off part of your hair, one eyebrow, and part of your eyelashes! Obviously people here recognize that this is a new standard of beauty, because since it’s happened I’ve gotten just oodles and oodles of male attention.

Till next time to hear about my first ever cock fight, three new marriage proposals, and ohhhh the objectification of women.

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One thought on “Fa la la lafel and DIY gas oven beauty tips

  1. *like
    this is awesome 🙂 love that you chose to make falafels.

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