The Woes Avanzan (but so does the fun)

Friday gave me some wonderful opportunities to take more frustrated selfies of myself, reminiscent of my last post on the frustrations of student research. Let’s just say that I am in disagreement with a few folks over the direction of the research, and after having worked on it for about six weeks now, I feel invested. And to have someone tell me that my conclusions aren’t valid made my face go like this: Photo on 2013-07-12 at 19.04 #2Without sharing too many details, I am now not as close to finishing as I thought. Additionally, I have a presentation on Wednesday with the mayor and oh, EIGHT OF THE OTHER TOP RANKING GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS. No big, something casual, I was told, about FIFTEEN minutes long with photos and EVERYTHING I’ve done so far. So no sweat. This process has taught me a lot about working with a government as a researcher–there definitely is an ‘end goal’ that isn’t just the pursuit of information.

It has helped me learn more about the work culture as well–when I was getting a bit upset as my supervisor told me about the presentation (HOW long have you known I have to do this on Wednesday!?) he told me not to worry, we can move it back a day or two if need be. The lack of deadlines and structure here are probably good for this Type A personality, but they also be drivin’ me crazy in the head. Friday I was bien upset, but I am here to do this project and I will do it to the best of my ability. Even if it takes me until the last day I’m here. Photo on 2013-07-12 at 19.04 #4

And actually, Friday was the day I felt the most encouraged about my progress with Spanish thus far because I was able to express all of these emotions and frustrations in Spanish, first to my supervisor and then to my host sister. I spoke to her the same way I would have complained to my mom if she had been available for a quick skype chat, but it was ALL IN SPANISH!

Though the morning started out difficult, Friday turned out to be the most fun I’d had all week. My host sister and I and two of my Wwoofing friends went to the last day celebrations of the hundred year anniversary of a nearby town, and it was, in a word, fabulous. We danced outside to the live band, we had some good rum and some awful rum, we danced in a discotec, we went back outside and danced in the rain, I got an invitation to marry one of the lead singers and date the other, and we danced until the night was spent. Come back next time for the stories of the night . . . this small paragraph doesn’t do it justice, as I feel like it was a quintessential Ecuadorian celebration that deserves to shared.

What have you done with you weekend thus far? I’d love to hear about it 🙂

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7 thoughts on “The Woes Avanzan (but so does the fun)

  1. Lots of rest so far this weekend, also reading, meditation and taking care of the family. I’m really using this weekend to recharge myself, last week was insanely busy.

    • So good! And wonderful that meditation is a practice for you–I use journaling, running, and talking to friends. It’s always been hard for me to meditate, which I guess is part of the point!

      • I run from time to time, i haven’t had much time for it lately. How far do you usually run?
        Meditation and Yoga just relax me so much , especially after a long day or week.

      • I’m trying to get back into running right now–I definitely have had months when I run a lot and months I don’t run at all. My goal for this summer is to run a 10k before I leave Ecuador (not an official race, just on my own) so my runs usually go between 20 min-50 minutes! Just depends on how I feel that day. And I love yoga as well, but for me it is really hard to do it on my own without a class! Do you do it in a class or by yourself?

      • I always do yoga on my own, I have never done it with a class. Wow a 10k that to me is amazing stuff. I have run 5k’s, the longest distance i’ve ever run is 6 miles and I think i’ll leave that to be my record lol I love running but not that much lol. If you do that 10k you should blog about it, that would be awesome. Good luck also on getting back into running.

  2. 1. You’re faces are adorbs! 2. Every thing you’ve written just makes me feel better about my decision not to start my PhD program. I just cant with people.
    3. I started cleaning out my closets and getting myself ready to move.

    • 1. Thank you! Appreciate it 🙂 2) YES. Sometimes I just can’t with people either. Especially working with a government . . . making me realize I do not have a future in gov’t work. Ever! 3) Ohhh moving! Can be such a stressful yet exciting time. Good luck with everything!

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