Yo extraño . . .

Inspired, in part, by this list and this list 🙂

Part of this is ridiculous, right? I mean, if someone wants everything to be the same as it is in the states, STAY IN THE STATES. Why travel if not to experience new places, people, cultures, food, everything? It drives me a little bit crazy when people complain about things that are different from the U.S. I mean, duh.

With that said, after almost two months here, there are a few things that I just MISS. I feel like I’ve experienced the new and exotic, and right now I’m craving a little bit of comfort. A little bit of home. It’s odd though, now I’m accustomed to my home in Ecuador and have my routine, and going home will be a new adventure. One I’m excited to embark upon 🙂 These first two were a tie. I couldn’t decide which to put first, and then I decided to let my browsing history of looking at every blog post ever written about #1 choose for me.

1) PEANUT BUTTER (and almond butter and nut butter and OH MY GOSH LOOK AT IT)  PBBI love it as much as this small child. When I get back, I may do just this. Parents, leave me alone in the kitchen for awhile. With the PB.


Just . . . I can’t. Why, oh why, is peanut butter not a thing here? You can eat it with everything. Sweet. Savory. On that banana. IN A COOKIE.


Almond butter I love you too. My culinary aspirations are low right now . . . almond butter sandwich with honey, flax seed, and cinnamon. My life would be made!


Click the photo for the recipe for SEA SALT HONEY ALMOND BUTTER from two peas & their pod 🙂

2) Coffee. I am here, in a country that GROWS coffee, and let me tell you . . . I’m hankering for the way we do it in the good ol US of A. My daily cafe is heated milk and water with sugar and instant coffee from Colombia. Some houses have boiled down coffee concentrate which stay on the kitchen table and we add to heated up milk.

Cup of Joe

Soon, dear coffee, you will be mine. I will add some almond milk to you, and we might even get CRAZY and go somewhere and have a soy latte. ❤

This is actually a photo of a soy latte, don't be fooled. I didn't just find a photo of a latte and PRETEND it was soy.

This is actually a photo of a soy latte, don’t be fooled. I didn’t just find a photo of a latte and PRETEND it was soy.

3) My family. I mean, after coffee and peanut butter, a girl needs the people who love her most in this world.


Skyping with my sister. Oh wait, no one is there. Don't worry, she came back ;)

Skyping with my sister. Oh wait, no one is there. Don’t worry, she came back 😉

3) My friends. This one is dangerous to include photos, because I want to include EVERYONE. You know who you are. I love y’all. Here is a photo of cookies instead, because cookies.

Chocolate Cookies with Chocolate Peanut Butter...

Chocolate Cookies with Chocolate Peanut Butter Chips. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5) Understanding everything everyone is saying. Granted, I CAME to Ecuador to improve Spanish, and I have improved immensely! Sometimes I’m still confused, and I’m looking forward to a few weeks when I don’t have to wonder what the punch line of the joke was.

That’s pretty much all, folks. I mean, other differences here and there are what makes this summer amazing. And honestly, being PB free for over two months is probably good for me, I just lack the mental capabilities to imagine how.

When you’re out of your home country, what do you miss the most? 

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17 thoughts on “Yo extraño . . .

  1. GoldyGal on said:

    Well,I was gone for like half a year away from home and the thing I missed the most was beeing able to shop.In Romania, my home country every store is open all the time! While,in Greece,were I lived for that half a year,there were weekends were everthing was closed,and the weeks when between 2and 5 pm everything was also closed.It was hard to shedule my needs..
    PS.Nice writing 😀

    • The stores were closed on the weekends? How strange, I would miss the convenience of being able to go grab something in the afternoon or on a weekend. Thanks for your sweet compliment about my writing! I very much appreciate it 🙂

  2. I was just about to write this same blog post–no joke. Peanut butter and the fam rank my tie for numero uno. Other things that would have made my list: hummus, soft lighting (I’m getting real fed up with this naked-bulb-in-the-middle-of-the-room business) and barefootedness.

    • haha yes, the lighting! Our bathroom has a light but our shower doesn’t, so if I bathe anytime after 6 pm I’m doing it in the semi darkness. And yes, hummus. Yum yum yum. And being barefooted too! I always have to wear shoes, and I’m excited to go home and walk around sans footwear.

  3. pollyheath on said:

    Peanut butter and cookies! (Can we be more stereotypically American?!) A few weeks ago I no joke spent about $30 to make those peanut butter blossom cookies. WORTH IT.

    • SO WORTH IT. Two of my American friends here told me that they have a surprise for me, and I think it’s peanut butter. I can’t even . . . goodness I hope so. It’s bad–I DREAM about peanut butter a few times a week. I have a problem.

  4. Michaeleb on said:

    Yo Michaela your sister’s beau has a great fitting white tee and he looks cool. Also your dad looks like a young Craig T Nelson. Also it looks like you’re the only one in your family without a man. I can fix that.

    Best wishes in EU

    • Haha thank you, yes two of my sisters are married so I’m not sure which gentleman you are referring to but I am a fan of them all! I will pass that on to my pops as a compliment. And no one made the cut to be included in the family photo with me . . . in others, I’m with my nephew and I gotta say we definitely won the cutest couple awards!

      • Michaeleb on said:

        Ye ye ye but here’s the thing, I’m still single so when you come back home give me a call and I’ll make sure to make the cut for your next family photo by Christmas and I can paint more fences for your family again.

        Be safe in the ECU

      • Perfff Caleb it’s a date. I still haven’t been to freebirds, when I get back let’s go. And then I can definitively say it is not as good as chipotle. 🙂 Also, why Michaeleb?

  5. Michaeleb on said:

    Like I’m totally serious lets do it. At least something I mean. When do you get back to the woods? And it was all I could think of. I’m not sure how its spelled though. It was what troy used to call us in Mrs Andersons class. The portmanteau of Michaela and Caleb.

    • ahhhhh I understand now. I believe it is McCaleb. Or at least that is what that road sign was that Allison took a photo of that I was mad existed. Yes, I get back August 7 and am home for two weeks. It’s a planley stanley.

  6. Followed here from A Girl And Her Travels guest post. Lovely blog! I must say, I keep a running list, in a Word file, literally called ‘Things I Miss’ [also from the US] – it will make it into a blog post or two at some point. I love that your friends & family didn’t take the 1&2 spots on the list. Actually, when I showed my BFF my OWN ‘miss’ list, which was all food, booze and Yellow Cabs, she was all, ‘WTF? What about, I dunno, YOUR FRIENDS???’ So now that’s at the top of my list – but only bc I got semi-publicly shamed.

  7. I usually travel alone, so I think what I miss most when I travel is shared experience. I ate a fried tarantula in Cambodia with some fellow travelers, and my friends got to see the gruesome pics later, but it would have been far more meaningful had I shared it with them first hand!

  8. I love your priorities! These are pretty much the exact same things/people I miss when I’m out of the states: peanut butter, friends, family. 🙂 And if I’m in Japan/Korea, I would add to that: cilantro, cheese. Luckily I still had good coffee.

    (It’s sad how Central/South America is often all about the instant coffee even though coffee GROWS there, like you said. Actually, I had amazing coffee when I went to visit one sister who was living in Costa Rica, but when I visited my younger sister in Chile, it was instant Nescafe all the way.)

    • haha thank you! It is amazing–some of my gringo friends found me peanut butter and gifted it to me. Best day ever, I ate half the package with two huge pieces of bread and just sat savoring it for what felt like ever. It was a dream. I’ve never been to Asia, but ah cilantro! Life without it, can’t imagine.

      And yes, the coffee thing is sad to me. WHY nescafe. Why.

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