The Expat Show

Today, I am featured on the wonderful blog A Girl and Her Travels, written by the lovely Polly.

I can probably blame it on my family and the logic of birth order, but narcissistically I’ve always been convinced that my daily happenings are of great import to the rest of the world. Granted, I rarely admit to it, and I may not really believe it, but deep down inside, I’ve always felt like the world was watching me and waiting to discover more about Michaela cause I’m SPECIAL in some way. In fact, as a child, I was certain that my life was a TV show and would do things for my viewing audience to keep them entertained (1. That is real. I did that. 2. In talking to friends, apparently I’m not the only one who was completely egocentric as a child, as one other admits to doing this as well). When I watched the movieThe Truman Show with Jim Carrey, my self-importance was confirmed–someone, somewhere, was trying to tell me that my life was the Truman Show in a very meta way (although, I had never heard of meta at the time).

truman showTo keep reading head on over to The Girl and Her Travels! 



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  1. pollyheath on said:

    Thanks so much for guest posting!

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