Las despedidas son feas

Goodbyes are ugly, aren’t they? Sorry for being gone for so long, these past few weeks have been CRAZY. Finishing up the research project, saying goodbye, traveling . . . Whew! I come home in two days, and over the course of my last week in Ecuador I will have been on a bus for about 24 hours. I haven’t counted because I don’t want to know, but I actually think it will be more . . .

Since I last posted (nearly 10 days ago, yikess!) where/what have I done?

I went to Cuenca for the weekend . . . I LOVE that city! Such a good time with friends. Maybe too good a time 😉 Cuenca is beautiful with a very European vibe. It’s in the Sierra so it is pretty chilly–bring a good chompa!


IMG_1475The bus ride from the Orient to the Sierra has vistas that are utterly captivating. The scenery changes often and glues you to the window. I don’t think I’ll ever find a country as beautiful.

My last week I went to Macas a few times to hang out with good friends and say goodbye. If I come back next summer to Ecuador for more than a visit (ie, to do my senior thesis research), I think I’ll either live in Macas or in Cuenca. IMG_1498


We made pizza my last night in Macas 🙂



They told me that I could open a restaurant in Macas because my pizzas were better than any they’d eaten there . . . so if I end up marrying an Ecuadorian like 2093847 people have told me I will, at least I have a viable business 😉 IMG_1561

Then I went BACK to Cuenca (I told ya, I really like that city and am definitely going to miss my friends there) for a night on my way to the coast. IMG_1565IMG_1573


The bus ride from Cuenca to the coast again convinced me that I will NEVER find a country so small yet so beautiful. A 4 hour bus ride presented me with SO many different views and topographies, each one absolutely stunning.IMG_1603


Now I’m in a calm, eco-hostel in the decidedly un-calm party town of Montañita, Ecuador. It is a strange experience to be in such a touristy place sola, without friends or family. I’m taking advantage of the time to rest adequately after not having slept much the past few weeks, eat good food, and be the one person here that is not drinking, dancing, or going out. Tomorrow afternoon I leave to start my next bus-hopping trip, and will be arriving in Quito early Tuesday morning to fly out that night. Then I’m HOME!


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6 thoughts on “Las despedidas son feas

  1. livitant on said:

    good luck girl! leaving stinks, but your next adventure is right around the corner! safe travels 🙂

    • Thanks livi! I know, I was talking to someone on one of the buses about how I don’t want to leave and how I will want to come back next summer for research, and they were like ‘but you’ll have the same problem after Spain! You’ll just want to go back to Spain.’ Leaving is hard, but now that I’m by my lonesome (without all my Ecuadorian friends) in a touristy destination I am ready to get on my flight back home!

  2. Are you possibly willing to share that pizza recipe?? 🙂 My family has been begging me to make some and I don’t know where to start.

    • Absolutely! It is actually super super simple. I used this recipe and used a half-half mix of white and whole wheat flour: I always roll out the dough and bake it for at least 10-15 minutes before I put on the sauce and rest of the toppings, because if you are using veggies or pineapple it will be difficult to cook the dough all the way through. When you pull it out after that first baking, it will have risen–just press it down with your palms and put your toppings on 🙂 I also recommend when you pull it out to check on it (baking times vary so much, especially using Ecuadorian gas ovens without temperature readings) that you cut it into its slices and continue baking it like that–it ensures a super tasty crust!

  3. i’m so happy i found this blog! i’m going to quito next semester to study abroad and your comments on the place are helpful

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