Halfway Here

Today is the halfway mark exactly of my trip. Six weeks into a twelve week trip, and I honestly can’t believe how quickly time has gone. Time is a funny thing. I think it’s a common experience for people who travel for months at a time. You have enough time to settle in, but not to [be]come home. I feel like I’ve always been here, yet only just got here. But, when I write SIX WEEKS as if it is a long time, I have to chuckle at myself. Six weeks is not a long time at all, but since it is HALF of my trip it feels like a very long time indeed.

Last week, I was coming off of a bad cold and had spent the previous weekend in bed for three days while most of my friends were prancing around every corner of Europe. It made me feel antsy–what am I doing in BED while there is Madrid and Europe to explore? Who has time to be sick? Not me, although I’ve been sick now for about two weeks . . .

Our professor encouraged us to make a list of everything we’ve done so far, to see how much we really have done. And I scoffed at first, because I simply didn’t feel like I’d done a lot. But now that I’ve looked over what we have done and made a list of sorts, I realize how much I actually have seen and done in six short weeks. And it animates me to take advantage of the six weeks I have left!

Let me give you a tidbit: Retiro. Mercado Fresco. Gimnasio. Plaza Mayor. Paseo de los Austrias. Jardín Botanico. Mayumana. El Rastro. Mountainview International Church. Toledo. Salamanca. Real Madrid game. La Mallorquina. Galicia. Santiago de Compostela. La Reina Sofia. El Prado. Cien Montaditos. El Lago Mercado. Mercado de San Miguel. Book fair. Mistura Ice Cream. Centro dramático nacional. San Gines. El Mar y Tiendita. Zaragoza. Festivals de Pilar. Casa Mingo. Círculo de Bellas Artes. Gran Via. And much, much more.

And now, I’ve written another bucket list. A reminder of everything I want to do in the few weeks remaining that are absolutely going to FLY. Because when I look back at this trip, I want to be able to look back with a warm, fuzzy, full feeling. I don’t have to be amazed at the staggering amount of STUFF I was able to fit in, cause that doesn’t always allow time to rest and read and nap (important!) and just walk around. These things too are an important part of the experience.

Right now, I should be reading a play for theater class tomorrow. Instead, I blogging in a café on my recently written ‘Until the End’ List. I’m in Lolina‘s, a vintage café off of Calle Espiritu Santo in the Chueca area. It’s adorable, with appetizers, smoothies, and cocktails that will be perfect to start a fun night out with friends (I’m looking at you, citadelle mojito with orange and cinnamon).

To that end, I’ve decided I should add a section with my what I’ve seen/done, what I plan on doing, and if anyone coming to Madrid should do it as well. Look for that in the days to come!

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