Lolina’s + Madrid Río

Crossing stuff off my bucket list like I only have five weeks left, folks. Gulp. Cause time a be a tickin’ . . . but I’m not going to think about that. It freaks me out. There is no way I’ve been here long at all–three months is just enough time to start feeling place before you leave.

Last Wednesday was an eventful, fun day. A group of us went to Madrid Río with the intention of renting roller blades. Now, rollerblading and I have a history. Two summers ago I bought a pair with the intention of teaching myself, and I learned how to fall very gracefully on the sides of the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville, SC. So I warned the rest of the group about my skill limitations and wore long pants to protect my skin from being scratched up in inevitable falls.

When we got to the rental place, however, we saw these beauties.

How could we NOT!? So, much to the amusement of the rental guy (who told us that they were heavy and hard to manage) we chose a four person, brightly colored orange cart to pasear around the trails alongside the river. When two more of our group showed up, they rented rollerblades and we were off! It was fun and relatively cheap folks. For an hour it cost us 5 euros apiece, and would be the same price for bikes or rollerblades or the two person carts they have.

Then, off to Lolina’s for some pre-language exchange cocktails. These were SO good! Price was average for Madrid (ie, caro). I got a gin and tonic, while Megan got a daiquiri. I think pronouncing words in English is what makes me stick out the most–how do you say ‘gin and tonic’ with a Spanish accent? Ni idea. When I’m speaking in Spanish I’m fine, but the second you pronounce an English word or an American brand that they also have here, your accent is immediately noticeable.

Deets: Madrid Río is off of Principe Pio metro stop. La Lolina’s is in Chueca close to Tribunal metro stop. They’re both worth a visit!

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One thought on “Lolina’s + Madrid Río

  1. pollyheath on said:

    I’ve ALWAYS wanted to ride on one of those four-person bikes. Not gonna lie, super jealous!

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