The time, it is a flying

Whooee. I cannot BELIEVE it has been two weeks since I’ve written! And what I need to tell you from those two weeks, because I’ve done and seen quite a lot.
First, we went to Segovia:

One of my friend’s purses was stolen as we were taking a photo, but another friend noticed it and then yet another friend chased the lady down. It was quite exciting. Segovia is a neat place, with an interesting local legend about the construction of the Roman aqueduct. It’s said that the people of the area were building the structure when one man struck a deal with the devil–the aqueduct in exchange for his soul. The next morning, upon seeing how quickly the devil had worked, the man immediately repented and began praying to the virgin and was thus redeemed. No word on why the devil didn’t demolish the aqueduct on account of losing the soul, however.

One day, I went with some amigas to the teleferico, a cable car over Madrid. Definitely worth it, especially if you go close to sunset as we did!

The following weekend we went over to see the palace complex Escorial, and then Valle de los Caidos.

I got back two days ago from a five day trip to Barcelona. This was probably my favorite trip thus far, as we saw the architecture of Gaudi and Guell, the museum of Salvador Dali, and an AMAZING, AMAZING market that is famous is Barcelona, the Boqueria. They have all fresh juices for 1 euro–my favorite was a coconut mint that I will most definitely be making when I get home. Finished off the night with a sunset bike ride along the port, and I was a happy girl.

The town of Girona, with a fun street market:

The monastery of Montserrat, to which we arrived by train and were able to hike around.

In Barcelona, I met an awesome mustache attached to an equally cool Australian man named Ted. He was accompanied by a friend, Blake, and they spent a few hours regaling us with tales of Australian Rules Football.

I also have been visiting community gardens for my research project in one of my Spanish classes. These gardens are idyllic spaces, with some people planting, others reading, children playing, and the community gathering. Those spaces create the world I want to live in.

Right now I’m definitely feeling the fact that we only have, gulp, TWENTY FIVE DAYS left. Of those 25 days, I believe I’ll be in Madrid for 12. TWELVE DAYS, PEOPLE. It’s hard. Too many emotions. I want to stay, I want to go home, I miss my university, but I don’t want to leave. All of you other travelers know the feeling, I’m sure.Peace and Blessings. Until Switzerland!

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2 thoughts on “The time, it is a flying

  1. Keith Barnett on said:

    Is it ok to be jealous if your own child. Awesome post. Come home sans Australian mustaches.

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