Buda Buda Buda Pest

Spain is hard to leave. I haven’t left yet, but I leave Madrid this Saturday for Andalusia. We get back Thursday, and then fly out Friday. I’ve made some friends here in Madrid that I don’t want to separate myself from–thinking about getting on that flight back to the states actually makes me want to cry a little bit. Even though I am excited to see everyone back home, I wish I had more time here. It’s funny, a few weeks ago Madrid was really hard. Every day was kinda hard. And now the thought of being in the US again is actually almost unthinkable. So I try not to. Unsuccessfully.

But on to that pesty Buda. Not really though, Budapest is lovely! Did you know it’s actually two cities–Buda, and Pest? It was my first time in Europa Oriental, and I have to say I expected the city to be, well, different. A lot different than other European cities I’ve been in, and it wasn’t. The currency was quite a struggle, but hey (why can’t they just take a few zeros off? I had no idea what I was spending the whole weekend).

I met with my lovely, dear sweet friend Morgan who is studying abroad in Brussels this semester. We really only had a day and a half, but I think my favorite part of Budapest was spending it with her.

Saturday we walked all around the city. We fueled our walking selves by beginning the day with strudel (yumm), lunch that we finished off with hot wine (so spicy and tasty, if not a bit too sweet), and dinner that was Thai-Asian fusion and DIVINE.

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3 thoughts on “Buda Buda Buda Pest

  1. Thank you for the lovely vicarious trip to Budapest.

  2. i see its a beautiful city ❤ !!!

  3. Hello Michaela how has everything been going as far as your trips? I hope all is well.

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