Where is Michaela Wandering?

This summer I will be in a small town in Ecuador working on the development of ‘un centro de interpretación patrimonial natural y cultural shuar’ (essentially, a center for the interpretation of the surrounding natural and cultural heritage). At this point, I don’t know quite where I’m living and what all the logistics of my project are. While I’m pretty nervous, I am also incredibly excited!

Macas, Ecuador

Macas, Ecuador

Then, when I get back from Ecuador, I have a few week sabbatical in the states and then I’m headed off to Madrid, Spain for the fall! I will be studying at la Universidad Antonio de Nebrija and taking weekend trips around Spain.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

Check back for stories, photos, and reflections on both trips!



PS Want to see some of my past journey and read my old stuff? Head over to Pilgrimage of Health for reflections on health, wellness, and life 🙂


8 thoughts on “Where is Michaela Wandering?

  1. Wow. And I thought that I like to travel! Your trip sounds amazing; are you posting pics?

    • I feel very fortunate to have these opportunities to travel! It has been so great, and for me has really driven home how much I want to be physically close to my family + friends. Funny how travel does that!

      Yes, photos are scattered throughout the blog posts! I should consolidate them all into a single page though – – so glad your comment made me think of doing that, that’s a great idea!

      • thanks. and, i understand about wanting to stick to your roots while travelling. my husband and i are taking a 7 month road trip in about a month and a half and – the family ties thing did cause me to reconsider initially… but not for long. enjoy it while you can! there will be time to stay in one place later. 🙂

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog, I can’t wait to hear more about your travels! I did the reverse order a few years ago: Bilbao, Spain for 4 months, Stateside for 2 months, and then Ecuador for 6 months. I absolutely LOVED my time in Ecuador, so I know you will, too 🙂 I studied at Universidad Central 3 days a week and spent the other half of each week living in Otavalo. Enjoy it while you’re there – the time will fly by too quickly!

  3. internabroad2013 on said:

    Hey! I love your Blog and I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Check it out 🙂

  4. Thanks for your “Like” on ¡Alegria! The Joy of Spanish Living, Michaela. I wonder if we’ll get to see each other when you’re in Spain. You never know!

  5. Lovely blog and great shots! I look forward to seeing more. And thanks for the recent follow.

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